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MICROPUMP – Magnetically Driven Gear Pumps

Micropump is the market leader in seal-less, low-flow gear pumps, and is the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology – the “leak-free” pumping solution. With an extensive range of models to choose from, the Micropump line up provides excellent chemical and biological compatibility, and most feature static seals for long life, low maintenance, and leak-free performance.

Micropumps offer a smooth, pulseless delivery and accurate, repeatable flow. The rigid design of the gears and housing allows for high pressures and the ability to pump a wide range of fluids. Manufactured in an assortment of chemically resistant material options, these compact, magnetically driven gear pumps provide accurate fluid delivery in a durable, leak-free design that can be customised to fit many OEM and industrial pump applications.

Environmental Benefits

  • Magnetic drive means no mechanical seal
  • Leak-free, chemically resistant design
  • Eliminates potential contamination risk
  • Protects environment from harmful substances

Capacity Range: Flow rates from 0.4 microlitres to 42.0 litres per minute. Differential pressures up to 80 bar (1160 psi) and system pressures up to 345 bar (5000 psi). Fluid viscosities up to 5000 cps and temperatures between -45 and 260 degrees Celsius.

Materials:Pump head and body in 316 stainless steel (standard), alloy 20, titanium, hastelloy C-276 or hastelloy B-2. Gears available in PTFE (teflon), PPS, PEEK, carbon graphite or hardened Steel (A10). There is also a range of static seal and magnet strength options.

Applications: Aircraft galleys, analytical instrumentation, beverage dispensing, chemical processing, consumer printing, continuous ink jet printing, drug and pharmaceutical, electronics cooling, food processing, fuel cells, medical equipment, mining, petrochemical, pulp & paper, textiles, water treatment.

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GOTEC – Electromagnetic Pumps

Pioneered and perfected in Switzerland by Gotec SA, these versatile miniature pumps are extremely simple yet reliable due to their innovative design. Ideally suited for OEM applications, Gotec electromagnetic pumps offer some of the smallest flow rates available, all while being extremely light and compact.

There is a range of different models available, as well as material options to accommodate all types of applications. The pumps are self-priming with built-in non-return valves, and incorporate a unique powerful driving mechanism integrated with the body. Performance is maintained over a long lifetime and with no shaft seal and only one moving part, they are virtually maintenance free.

Capacity Range:Flow rates up to 3 litres per minute with pressures up to 15 bar. Available in 12, 24, 110 or 230 Volts with frequencies of either 50 or 60 Hertz depending on the model. The pumps always need a rectified AC signal by diode or a DC pulsed signal.

Materials:Brass, stainless steel and high-tech plastics with a range of elastomer options.

Applications: Medical and laboratory devices, air conditioning and heating, vending machines, domestic and industrial appliances, automotive, printing equipment, lubrication and cooling systems, OEM applications, circulation and temperature control, dosing and sampling systems.

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GOATTHROAT – Hand Pressurised Pumps

GoatThroat hand pumps provide a simple and efficient way to transfer chemicals, acids and solutions from containers and drums up to 200 litres in size. With a range of material options available, they are safe for use with over 700 liquids and chemicals, as well as offering a leak-proof design to keep work places clean and free of potentially hazardous spills.

These small, versatile hand pumps can be used with acids, chemicals, solvents, fuels and additives, as well as with general purpose chemicals and cleaning products. Just a few strokes to pressurise the container and you are ready to go. Dispense precisely controlled amounts with one touch of the tap and unlike conventional electric pumps, GoatThroat pumps cost less, require no power and therefore eliminate any potential sparking hazard.

Environmental Benefits

  • Constructed from non-reactive materials
  • Drip-proof tap provides safe handling
  • Drum always remains in upright position
  • Eliminates contamination & hazardous spills

Capacity Range:Suitable for most common containers and drums from 5 to 200 litres in size. Maximum flow rate of 17 litres per minute depending on liquid viscosity.

Materials:Pump body made from 100% non-reactive polypropylene with seal options in either nitrile, EPDM, santoprene or viton to suit over 700 liquids and chemicals.

Applications:Suitable for the transfer of petrol, oil, diesel fuel, glycerine, chlorine, alcohol, acetates, phosphates, bromide, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, pesticides, food products and general purpose chemicals to name a few.

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